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Thyroid Conditions in Cats - Feline Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism

Feline hyperthyroidism and feline hypothyroidism are conditions of the thyroid gland, commonly seen in older cats. These articles discuss the diagnoisis and treatment of these conditions, and treatment, including medicine, surgery and radioiodine treatment.

Hypothyroidism in Cats
Hypothyroidism is an endocrine gland disorder. (The thyroid gland is considered the "master gland" of the endocrine glands.) Hypothyroidism is relatively rare in cats, and it is not considered fatal, although it can affect a cat's quality of life. Learn more about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of hypothyroidism in cats.

Hyperthyroid Disease in Cats
Hyperthyroidism is disease which attacks senior cats, and is being seen more often in recent years, as cats are living longer because of advances in veterinary science and increased awareness on the part of caregivers.

Following the Treatment of a Hyperthyroid Cat
Detailed "journal" of the treatment progress of Bubba, a 16 year old cat newly-diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

Following the Treatment of a Hyperthyroid Cat - Radioactive Iodine Therapy
This series has been following the treatment of a hyperthyroid cat, using oral medication with Tapazole. At 18 months into the treatment, it is time for radioactive iodine therapy. Learn more about the isotope procedure with this article.

Safe Disposal of Radioactive Cat Waste From a Hyperthyroid Cat
In the U.S., laws governing the disposal of radioactive cat waste following Radioactive Iodine Treatment for hyperthyroidism vary state by state. In California, conflicting laws create a bit of a conundrum in certain locations. I have designed a sanitary, workable arrangement for compliance with those laws. This method can be used quite easily...

Also known as non-neoplastic enlargement of the thyroid gland, goiter can be caused by many contributing factors, according to the Merck Veterinary Manual

Thyroid Basics
From the Newman Veterinary Clinic, an advanced discussion of the function of the thyroid gland, including testing for malfunctions thereof.

Veterinary Information - Hormonal Disorders of Cats
Dr. Mike Richards provides answers to questions about Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism and Diabetes in cats.

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