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Travelling with Cats

There are times (cat shows, moving) that you will find it necessary to travel with your cat. These resources help turn a traumatic experience into one that is at least bearable, for both you and your kitty.
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  2. Pet Sitting Boarding (7)

Moving 120 Miles by Vehicle With Four Cats
A day-by-day accounting of the last few of preparation for a move with four cats in an auto to a new home almost 120 miles away.

Cat Travel, Cat Boarding or Cat Sitter
This article from Amy Shojai, CABC, teaches about cat travel, cat board, and cat sitters and whether you should take your cat on vacation or leave your cat at home. Decide if your cat prefers to vacation with you or stay at home in this article on cat travel.

Checklist of Information for Your Cat Sitter
Cats are usually happier in their own homes when their human companions have to leave for a few days, with a trusted friend or professional pet sitter to check in on them at least daily during your absence. It's important to make sure the surrogate caregiver knows exactly what to do for your cat, both in terms of routine care and in case of a...

Pet Travel - Cat Behavior - Cat Travel

Does your pet travel, or does cat behavior leave no doubt Kitty is a homebody? Whether you plan to hit the road with your feline on a regular basis, or must travel with or without cats only rarely, kitty correct travel tips save a lot of heartache. Refer to these 6 cat behavior articles covering ways to travel (or stay at home) while keeping the cat and your human family happy.

Vacations and Cat Behavior Problems
Read this article on vacations and cat behavior problems to learn 7 tips for soothing vacation stress in cats. Discover why cats develop litter box problems and other cat behavior problems during vacations, and how to solve cat stress while owners are away. These 7 tips help prevent cat behavior problems while owners are on vacation, and explains and solves cat behavior problems when owners return.

Should I move my cats from NYC to Chicago by air or car?
A reader asks for help in deciding whether to move his cats from NYC to Chicago by air or by car. Read my reply to this question and other concerns he has.

Travel for Cats - Share your experiences and tips for safe tr…
Traveling with a cat can be an enjoyable experience, or a nightmare, depending on how well you plan in advance. By accustoming your cat to a carrier well in advance, even an emergency trip to the veterinarian can be accomplished with a minimum of panic. Share your worst experience in traveling with a cat. Escape from the carrier, "pee accident?" What could you have done differently to avoid this?…

Travel for Cats

Traveling with cats need not be viewed as a nightmare experience, if you do your homework first, have a well-organized plan, and practice with your cat when possible. Take tiny steps, first by getting your cat accustomed to his carrier. Later, a giant leap, such as a trip across the country in a car, or a plane trip with your cat, will go much easier for both of you.

This primer on trav…

Cat Travel: Cat Car Travel
Read this article from Amy Shojai, CABC, about cat travel to learn 8 tips to prepare cats for traveling in the car and vacationing with cats.

Cat Travel: Cats and Pet Friendly Hotels
Read this article by Amy Shojai, CABC, to learn how to prepare cats for pet friendly hotel stays. Learn about traveling with cats and finding pet friendly hotels while vacationing with cats.

Travel by Air for Cats
Travel by air for cats is often the best means for transporting them lengthy distances. Depending on the circumstances, a cat may or may not be accompanied by a human companion for the trip. Here are some options, including pros and cons of cat travel by air.

Cat Travel: Flying With Cats
Read these tips for how to travel with cats on airplanes. This article explains cat travel, and tips for flying with cats on pet airlines.

Pet Airways - Profile of Pet Airways - Pets-Only Air Transpor…
Pet Airways found a need and filled it. This innovative airline service for pets only accommodates dogs and cats in the main cabin of the aircraft, rather than in the extreme heat, cold, and crowded conditions of the cargo area. Read my review profile of Pet Airways

International Moves With Cats - Share your experiences with o…
Have you made an international move with cats? Did your cats have to be quarantined at the destination country? What were the specific requirements for cats entering that country? Share your experiences with other readers.

How to Move to the UK with Your Cats
Find out what you will need to do when moving with your cats to the UK, whether they'll need to go through quarantine or whether your cats qualify under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS).

Cat Carriers - Top Picks
At least one cat carrier is an absolute essential for trips to the vet, travel, or emergencies. There are pros and cons to both soft-sided cat carriers and hard-sided cat carriers. These are my top picks of both versions

Bringing Pets to Britain
Official information on the quarantine requirements, as well as the paperwork you'll need for your cat, when moving to the U.K.

The Ramblin' Cat
How to travel the world with your cat by someone who obviously knows what she's talking about.

TEN TIPS for Cats Who Are Forced to Relocate with Their Owners
Cathy Goodwin, an expert on moving, offers up 10 top tips for making a move easier on your cat.

About Travelling With Kitty
Basic tips for travelling with your cat to guarantee you'll both be welcome back, next time.

Lists of pet-friendly motels, campgrounds and lodging in the U.S., Canada and France.

Top 6 Ways to Ease Travel with Cats
Travel with cats does not have to be a disaster. Cats travel well if conditioned to it in advance of long trips. These tips will make travel easier on you and your cat, and will guarantee future invitations for your cat to visit again.

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