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Drinking Water for Cats

Although cats are descended from desert animals, they still need enough water to maintain optimum kidney health. While cats that eat only raw prepared diets or canned food may get moisture from their diets, cats on primarily dry foods MUST drink fresh, clean water to survive. I recommend a constant source of fresh water for all cats.

How much water does an adult cat need to drink?
A reader asks: "How much water does an adult cat need?" Read the multi-part reply to this FAQ about cats.

Why Does My Cat Drink So Much Water?
Should you be concerned about your cat's excessive consumption of water? Read this article to learn more about cats' water needs.

What's in your Cats' Water?
A clean, fresh source of drinking water is vital to cats' health and well-being. Is your water safe for your cat? Check your with your municipal watercompany's tests to find out for sure.

Make Drinking Water More Interesting to Cats
In summer months it is particularly important that cats drink enough water. Here are two quick tips for accomplishing that.

Is Bottled Drinking Water Unsafe for Cats?
A reader has a problem with my article, "What's in Your Cat's Drinking Water," because she worries about added Magnesium. Are her fears justified?

Review: Drinkwell Pet Fountain
It is important to keep a source of clean, fresh water available at all times for thirsty cats. The development of automatic pet fountains has made that easier for busy companions of cats. Read my review of the Drinkwell Pet Fountain.

Top Picks: Automatic Water Dispensers
It's no secret that many cats prefer running water for drinking. Automatic water dispensers are a must for cats whose owners work long hours, to ensure fresh water at all times. These are the best, in my opinion, among those I've researched, and I personally use one of each brand for my cats.

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