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Where to Adopt a Cat - Shelters - Humane Societies - Other Sources

Adopting a cat is a huge step, and it is important to find the best possible source for the benefit of the cat. Here are resources for finding adoptable cats, and an overview that explains their differences.
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10 Reasons Why Two Kittens Are Better Than One
The case for adopting two kittens - 10 reasons why two kittens are better than one.

ARF - Animal Rescue Foundation: Photo Tour
Join me for a photo tour of Tony LaRussa's ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation), a state-of-the-art no-kill shelter for cats and dogs, located in Walnut Creek California.

Adopt a Shelter Cat - Kill or No?
While we might deplore the conditions at some shelters, the solution is not to turn our collective backs on them, but to support the selfless volunteers who are doing all they can to improve conditions, and to make life a little better for those cats that faced an almost guaranteed death.

People Being People
Sometimes people can't see the forest for the trees when it comes to opening their hearts to adopting a cat.

Where to Go to Adopt
You have a number of choices at hand, depending on your particular needs and family atmosphere, starting with your local shelter or rescue group.

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