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7 Ways We Bond With Our Cats


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We Treat Our Cats With Love and Understanding
Jaspurr Wears off Energy With an Alpine Scratcher

Jaspurr Wears off Energy With an Alpine Scratcher

Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy

Just as with human relationships, the relationship between the human parent and the cat is founded on love and understanding. It's almost a given that our cats love us. They show their love in over a dozen different ways, which only endear them to us more.

Understanding our cats solidifies and strengthens our love for them. The 10 Ways We Love Cats, by Amy Shojai, CABC, former Contributing Writer on Cat Behavior, demonstrate how our love and understanding are intermingled. For example, since we understand that cats feel stress the same ways we do, we can show our love and help our cats at the same time by providing them outlets for their stress, such as scratching posts, playing with them, and loving brushing and combing.

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