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We care about your views on matters relating to cats, and we give you the opportunity to express those views through several different media. Polls are an excellent way to keep on top of trends, and polls about cats are no exception. Do you have an opinion about how many cats are too many, which are your favorite breeds of cats, or do male or female cats make better pets? Vote in one or all of these most popular polls about cats on the About.com Cats site.

1. Poll: How Many Cats Are too Many?

Are two cats enough for you?
Photo Credit: © Patti Leskiw
Almost every day, my mailbox receives two or three links to news articles about "cat collectors," and the line between "rescue" and "collecting" is not necessarily a straight one.

This poll has admitted limitations. Each of us has financial and housing limitations, in addition to local ordinances and personal health or job issues that all go into our decisions. But, just for ducks, please vote in this poll, and if necessary, explain in your comments. Remember: this poll has to do with your own abilities to care for a given number of cats indoors, but includes questions about your additional care of outdoor cats (strays or your own). You may select multiple answers in this poll.

2. Do Cats Cry?

A reader writes:

I have a really bizarre question for you that I have not found on your site - can cats cry when upset? Are they capable?

This FAQ was created a few years or so ago when someone emailed a similar question, and you'll see my response was in the negative. Since then, the anecdotal comments to this post have been overwhelmingly in the positive.

What about it? Do you think cats cry for emotional reasons? Read my reply, vote in the poll, then feel free to post your comments.

3. Poll: Is Your Cat Declawed?

Picture of Jaspurr using his Purrfect Post
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
Declawing a cat is a personal decision, but one that should only be made by an informed cat caregiver who is fully aware of the exact nature of the surgery, the risks involved, and the potential short and longterm effects on the cat. This poll is the same as the one featured in the Cat Care Survey (Question 9).

Your opinions are important also, so if you feel strongly about declawing, whether pro or con, this is your chance to voice your opinion. Simply click on the "Comments" section below and fill out the form. Try to remember that, whether you are of the pro-claw or pro-declaw position, your comments will be noticed by on-the-fence readers, so please try to avoid harsh trigger words that might actually work against your argument.

4. Would you Clone a Favorite Cat?

Cloning Cats has been a topic of controversy since the birth of "CC," short for Copy Cat, a cloned kitten that was born to a surrogate mother in December of 2001. In August of 2004, Genetics Savings & Clone, based in Sausalito, California, announced the birth in June of two Bengal kittens born to a surrogate mother, with DNA from a Bengal cat. The company is already offering genetic banking for the purpose of cloning cats.

How about it? If the price were affordable, would you ever consider cloning a favorite cat? Or do you object to cat cloning for one reason or another?

5. Poll: Do you allow your cat(s) to go outdoors?

Picture of Jaspurr in his Garden
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
In Lodi, Ohio, several residents in a neighborhood have learned by sad experience, one reason why it's important to keep cats indoors. WKYC.com reports that a "cat burglar" has been taking cats instead of other valuables. To be more accurate, the "burglaries" have occurred outdoors, where almost a dozen cats have gone missing in the past six weeks. Proponents of keeping cats indoors add this as one more argument for their side. Certainly, there are acceptable compromises.

How about you? Do you let your cat freely roam outdoors? Vote in the poll, then post your comment.

6. Poll: What is your favorite cat color or color pattern?

Picture of Trouble, a Calico Cat
Photo Credit: © HOSTBarb
Cat lovers seem to be universally fascinated with the colorful colors and patterns of cats. Hardly a day passes that I don't get a "what kind of cat is this?" email, with an accompanying picture. Some people are so passionate about their favorite color or pattern that they will only adopt black cats or torties, while others are more ecumenical about their choices.

While Persians have remained the favorite cat breed over the years, I am curious as to which is the favorite cat color or pattern. You see, there is a difference between cat breeds and cat colors and patterns, as the title article demonstrates. Please refresh your knowledge about cat colors and patterns, then answer the poll.

7. Poll: Where does your cat sleep?

Some people complain of being sleep-deprived because of their cats. Others freely share their own beds with as many cats as will fit. How about you? Take this poll and tell the world where your cat sleeps. If you are one of those who suffer from cat-related sleep deprivation, be sure to read the companion article.

8. Cat Care Survey: 10 Polls

Picture of Two Tabby Cats, Bubba and Shannon
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
The results of this survey will be used to evaluate the value of certain educational material on the About Cats site, and to pinpoint areas where more coverage is needed. It will also give me a better idea of the level of expertise in cat care of the average reader.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to vote in these polls!

9. Poll: What do you call your cat?

Is your cat your pet or is he your companion animal? Are you old-fashioned or politically correct? The world wants to know.
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