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You'll find here the best of all the "cat brags," along with the means to contribute your own cats' "show and tell," so jump right in to my cat lovers' community! Featured here are reader-submitted cat photos, articles on cats, reviews of cat products written by readers, a very active cats forum and much more.
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  2. Cat Videos
  3. Guest Writers' Contributions
  4. Readers Show and Tell
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Cat Photos Galore

Photo of Jaspurr and Joey as Kittens

Do the baby pictures in your brag book all show fur, whiskers, four legs and a tail? Would the guys at the water cooler rather talk about Monday Night Football than hear your latest story about your kitten, or are your neighbors starting to call you a "crazy cat lady?" Do you long for a community where you can share your photos and stories about your cats and gaze at page after page of sumptious feline pictures? We've a huge collection of photo galleries here: kittens, senior cats, funny cats, special needs cats; just about every kind of cat pictures you'd want to see.

Cat Videos

Picture of American Curl Cat

I have hand-selected what I consider the best videos to showcase here. Some are educational and some are strictly for fun. Pictured here is Sparta, from the most popular YouTube video yet, the Mean Kitty Video.

In addition to YouTube Videos, you'll find educational videos about cats, produced by About.com.

Guest Writers' Contributions

This Cats Guidesite welcomes articles and opinions from other people who share a passion for cats and their welfare. Since opinions are diverse and no one has all the answers, this format encourages a broad scope of information to be shared on the subject of Cats.

Readers Show and Tell

Photo of Young Man With Cat

Cat Lovers form a natural community, whenever two or more cat lovers get together. Just mention something about your cat and the conversation is off and running. The Internet has spawned a global community of cat lovers, and it doesn't matter a whisker if they will ever meet "in real life." The global community is especially active at About.com Cats, and new ways of sharing stories about cats have been added to the ever-popular blog comments and About.com Cats Forum. You can now write stories about your cats with up to two photos, using an easy form. Enjoy these reader interaction links, then "have your say" too!

Forum and Polls

Screenshot of Cats Forum Discussion

My readers play a huge role in this site by participating enthusiastically in polls and posting their comments in the blogs. Those cat lovers who actively participate in the About.com Cats Forum are particular assets. Forum discussions have been instrumental in a number of articles on this site, and the well-considered, insightful discussions are a great way of weighing the pros and cons of issues related to cats as well as cat foods and other products. Many forum members are cat experts in their own right, and are extremely helpful to those with questions. We have our light side too, with photo sharing and parties.

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