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Human Health and Cats - Zoonotic Diseases

Human health does not need to be compromised because of a cat in the household. Allergies to cats can often be controlled. On the other hand, cat owners should be aware of the various zoonotic diseases that can be transmitted between cats and humans, particularly if the owner is immunocompromised.
  1. Allergic to Cats
  2. Cat Scratch Fever (4)

Toxoplasmosis in Cats and Humans
Toxoplasmosis is one of five parasitic infections in the on the CDC's Neglected Parasitic Infections in the United States. Read this article to learn more about toxoplasmosis in cats and people.

Expecting a Baby? Don't Get Rid of the Cat!
Don't let fear of toxoplasmosis destroy your relationship with your cat during your pregnancy. With a few common-sense precautions, your cat can stick around to help welcome your new baby.

Cats and Mice
Find out the sorts of zoonotic diseases you cat can carry home with him along with that prized mouse he caught.

Sea Otters and Cat Feces
In 2003, scientists and researchers discovered a correlation between Toxoplasma gondii and the decrease in the sea otter population off the California Coast. Since cats are the only creatures that shed the T. gondii parasite, through their feces, there seems to be a direct link.

Virus linked to palm civet cat in China
Researchers in the southern part of China have detected coronaviruses closely related to the SARS virus in three wild animal species, including the civet "cat," which are sold in markets there for food consumption.

Zoonotic: Glossary Definition
Glossary definition of "Zoonotic," along with pronunciation key.

Zoonotic Disease
Dr. Janet Crosby provides a comprehensive discussion on zoonoses, with examples of those most commonly seen.

Emerging Zoonoses
Fundamental research is being done by professionals concentrating on new zoonitic diseases, according to this article from Emerging Infectious Disease.

Preventing Zoonotic Diseases in Immunocompromised Persons
In this study, physicians indicated that veterinarians should play an equal or greater role in advising patients about zoonotic diseases.

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