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Blue Buffalo Tops in this Home

Reader Reviews: Write a Review of a Canned Cat Food

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Blue Buffalo Tops in this Home

Blue Healthy Gourmet Flaked Tuna; our cats' favorite!

Blue Buffalo Tops in this Home

We supplement the canned with Blue dry cat food.

Canned Cat Food

Brand and Formula Name 

Blue Buffalo - Healthy Gourmet - Flaked Tuna Entree

What I Like About this Product 

Natural ingredients starting with Tuna, Fish Broth, Water, Chicken and Chicken Liver. NO meat by-products, corn, wheat or soy. Gluten-free. For cat food, it doesn't smell bad and the cats' stools never stink. We can easily find Blue Buffalo at our local store or we can order it online.

What I Least Like About This Product 

Nothing, really. The prices might be considered high by some but we believe in the adage, "you get what you pay for" and our cats are worth it. We're quite happy.

How my Cat(s) Reacted to This Product 

The cats love it and look forward to breakfast each day. We stick with one flavor (flaked tuna entree) which was their favorite from the beginning and were advised that cats really do not need variety.

My Review 

Most important is ingredients; we wouldn't want to feed our cats anything which would be unhealthy, unnatural nor dangerous. The ingredient list is well-balanced with real meat and veggie products. Our cats really enjoy the food and are alert, happy and healthy. There is never anything left in their dishes. We split a can in the morning between our two cats and have dry food and fresh water available to them all day long. One of our cats arrived with fur that was not so great; once he was put on a good diet, we were surprised to see what a beautiful, plush coat he has! We supplement the canned food with Blue (Indoor Health) Dry Food, so we are pleased with Blue Buffalo food product line overall. Our cats are never sick, have clear eyes, healthy teeth and gums, are at an ideal weight, have beautiful fur and skin and get great check-ups at the vet. Their stools and cat boxes never smell bad, which we attribute to a decent litter product, keeping the boxes reasonably clean and our cats' good diet. The cats are happy and playful so we wouldn't change a thing.

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