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Triumph/Evolve by Sunshine Mills

Reader Reviews: Write a Review of a Canned Cat Food

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By miata69411

Canned Cat Food

Brand and Formula Name 

evolve/triumph all flavors

What I Like About this Product 

My 2 cats love it! Price for me. Very good ingredients.

What I Least Like About This Product 

cant think of any

How my Cat(s) Reacted to This Product 

Very good! For 5 years i have tried many brands. this food is the only one no matter what flavor my cats will all ways eat.

My Review 

This cat food mite be a little hard to find but very well worth it. Sunshine mills is the manufacture. there is 3 brands that they produce. All good. I think pet foods should be carefully chosen. I look for a middle of the road. So do not make it easy for your self. Just because its expensive or has heavy advertisements means that they care what's inside!

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Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

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