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Bench and Field Holistic Natural Feline Dry Cat Food

Reader Reviews: Write a Review of a Dry Cat Food

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By Suzvw

Bench and Field Holistic Natural Feline Dry Cat Food

Watching Squirrels

Dry Cat Food

Brand and Formula Name 

Bench and Field Holistic Natural Feline

What I Like About this Product 

Although a dry, kibble type food, it smelled fresh.

When I placed it in my palm, the kibbles felt slightly oily from the Omega3, which I like feeling.

There was no residual color left behind which tells me that they are true that it contains no artificial color.

What I Least Like About This Product 

Kibble is almost too small.

Wish it wasn't so spendy.

How my Cat(s) Reacted to This Product 

All 7 of my gang pounced on the bag as I unpacked it, they could barely wait for me to open it and put some in their bowls. It was almost like a commercial! I've never seen them act this way before.

My Review 

In trying to find the best premium, high-quality food for the money, I asked for samples from several companies. Bench and Field was number 5 to be sent, and I must say, I at first thought perhaps the company had rubbed catnip on the outside of the bag to make sure they would get a positive first response from my pets. But no....my cats truly adore this food! No question about it. It's now been a week and the tummy upsets and constant allergy itching has stopped. They look forward to their mealtime knowing it won't be followed by bouts of throwing-up. And they stay full thru the day...no treat begging! Yes...the food is expensive. But so worth it when you consider no more trips to the vet for more lab work in trying to figure out what's wrong. I do recommend this product highly. We're not stupid...we know well how finicky cats can be with their eating. But 7 cats don't lie...all of them love it equally. The kibble is a smaller size, and the slightly oily feel of the food in your palm might throw some people off. But it's chock full of Omega3, fish oil...and I for one appreciate feeling it's presence in the food they eat. No artifical colors, it has a fresh smell right from the bag, and the cats all give it a paws up. What more can you say about a company like Bench and Field? Pricey....yes. But well worth the money.

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Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

This food is not grain free, and gets mixed reviews at Amazon

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