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Reader Reviews : Cats' Automated Drinking Fountains

User Rating 3 Star Rating (9 Reviews)


Cats require a dependable source of fresh, cool water, especially in warmer climates, and most particularly if they eat only dry cat food. Automated drinking fountains for cats are an excellent way to provide these needs. There have been a number of drinking fountains introduced in the past several years. Since their consistent functioning and ease of use widely vary, your reviews of these products may help other cat lovers in deciding which fountain might be best for their cats. An easy form is provided for creating your review of an automatic drinking fountain for cats.

Petmate Direct Fresh Flow

I would / will buy this model again. My cat loves the flowing water and won't drink stagnant water.It does require cleaning, but it is dishwasher safe and can be broken down into 3 main pieces for st…More

We Returned the Drinkwell

Within a couple weeks of bringing our three rescued adult kitties home, we discovered that two of them LOVED getting their drinks from a dripping faucet. Thinking a kitty fountain would be the way to…More

Drinkwell 360 Satisfies Thirst!

I never felt the need for a fountain until I brought home 2 sisters last spring who have an absolute fascination with water. They would play a shuffling game with their water bowl and water would be …More

Review: Drinkwell Premium With Reservoir

The product looks good and works great. The reason I gave it one star is because my cats won't drink from it..I've had it for almost a year and never saw them take even a little sip.My three year old…More

Review: Drinkwell Fountain

Drinkwell fountain purchased from Petsmart. I replace the charcoal filter about every 6 weeks. I thoroughly clean it on a weekly basis and and use purified water from a "pur" attached to my sink fauc…More

Reader Review: Drinkwell Pet Fountain

It's the best thing since sliced bread - the cats love it - it's like they're drinking from the sink. I fill it each morning with ice cubes - the filter only has to be changed every three weeks or so…More

Reader Review: Drinkwell Premium Water Fountain

I love the Premium Fountain, it's easy to clean and the girls: Indy, Beanie and Terra just love their own running water. I can't wait for this to come out in a stainless steel version. I'd buy that i…More

Reader Review: Catit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain

This fountain is the easiest to clean and our cattery cats love to use it. They have other models as well. We have a cattery and cats need to drink lots of fresh water. It is affordable and filters a…More

Reader Review: Drinkwell Automatic Fountain

I have owned this fountain for many years. It has the large water reservoir attached to it. My cats love this fountain and in the summer I put ice cubes in it for ice water. I suggest cleaning this o…More

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