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We Returned the Drinkwell

Reader Reviews: Cats' Automated Drinking Fountains

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We Returned the Drinkwell

Our drinking fountain

Automatic Drinking Fountain

Brand and Model of Fountain 

Drinkwell FWB-RE

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First one purchased.

My Review 

Within a couple weeks of bringing our three rescued adult kitties home, we discovered that two of them LOVED getting their drinks from a dripping faucet. Thinking a kitty fountain would be the way to go, we purchased one, but after seeing how much, and how often, cleaning must be done, we took it back before even trying it. Now we LOVE our kitties, and they are well worth the cost & effort in keeping the fountain clean, but with our schedules and scatterbrainedness sometimes, we knew there would be times the fountain wouldn't get the cleaning it required. We also knew we didn't want our kitties drinking slimy water. Anyway, we decided that water drips would be lower cost than the electricity required to operate the fountain 24/7. Water from a dripping faucet would always be fresh. And there wouldn't be the continuous expense of filters which, like the fountain, were probably made in China using questionable chemicals & materials.

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Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

Well, this was an unusual review, based on "what might have happened," but it does serve a purpose.

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