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CatGenie: Best in the Market!

Reader Reviews: Write a Review of an Automatic Cat Litter Box

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By AmberMaeve

Automatic Litter Box

Brand and Model of Automatic Litter Box 

Cat Genie Model 120

What I Like About this Product 


What I Least Like About This Product 


How my Cat(s) Reacted to This Product 

Some initial hesitation from one, the other four had no problem. I do keep finding one of my cats, Mithras, sitting in front of the opening and watching the bowl spin and hum.

My Review 

My husband and I purchased the CatGenie automatic litter box when our last Litter Maid started having switch problems. The price was the only concern at first and we weighed the advantages of not having to buy continual bags of premium cat litter (and hauling them in from the car) vs. the price of the system. Since I am disabled and my husband has to bring in all the bags, clean (and try to repair) the Litter Maids, we decided to give it a try. The company does give a 90 day return for full cost with their units. It was the best money we have spent! The system arrived promptly, had very good instructions for set-up and a guide for acclimating hesitant cats. It has now been in continuous use for at least a year with NO PROBLEMS. The laundry room with the unit always smells nice from the disinfectant used to clean the (reusable) granules. Both my husband and I could not be happier, nor could my five cats

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Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

I'd buy this product in a minute, based on Amber's review, except that neither my bathrooms nor laundry room have space enough to accomodate it. You can view videos of the Cat Genie on the Manufacturer's Web Site

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