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Arm & Hammer Beats Scoop Away in my Home!

Reader Reviews: Cat Litters

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Cindy

Date of purchase: 

April 20, 2010

Brand of Litter 

Arm & Hammer Multiple cat litter

My Review 

I normally use Scoop Away Multi-cat litter but I noticed Arm & Hammer cat litter was on sale for about $3.00 cheaper than Sccop Away for the same amount of litter. So I picked up Arm & Hammer and a box of Scoop Away because my female cat is very picky about her litter; the boys could care less. I cleaned out the litter pan and filled it with the A&H litter. I was impressed that it didn't dust up as much as the Scoop Away and smelled really good. The real test came when I had to leave town suddenly and wasn't back for 2 days. The litter box that had A&H litter wasn't smelly but the one in the other room with Scoop Away was starting to smell.

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