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One Earth Premium Cat Litter

Reader Reviews: Cat Litters

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By chicoanddude

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One Earth Premium Cat Litter

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We have tried many different litters over the years and for the most part didn't like any of them. Then I found Swheat Scoop and that was the best but still had some dust factor. Finally we tried the One Earth cat litter and even though somewhat expensive, this is the best we've found. Absolutely no dust and no odor. We have two cats and two litter boxes and I only have to completely change out and clean the boxes once a month. I clean out all the clumps daily and add more litter periodically during the month. It is a corncob based litter with pine and yucca. I also like that this company donates a small percentage of their profits to the World Wildlife Fund.

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