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Review Litter Purrfect (Costco)

Reader Reviews: Cat Litters

User Rating 3 Star Rating

By Stephanie

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Brand of Litter 

Litter Purrfect (available at Costco)

My Review 

The clumping properties of this litter were just fine. My cat didn't have any problem using this litter at all. She does seem to track it more than the litters with larger pieces (these pieces are quite small). There is a huge amount of dust involved and the herbal odor control (lemongrass) is quite strong. It seems to set my allergies off every time I change the box. I also think that the lemongrass doesn't contribute to much odor control and it may even make the ammonia smell seem stronger. I clean out clumps every day and clean the entire litter box each week and by day 5 this litter is getting strong. I've used others that I could get away with a couple days or more past the week mark and not notice, but not with this litter. If I had multiple cats using the same box, there's no way I would use this litter. For a frequent scooper / box changer, though, this litter is just okay.

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