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Asher: From Kennel Cat to King of the House

Share Your Story: Why I Love Black Cats

By blkcatanon

Asher: From Kennel Cat to King of the House

Balancing on the Leg of One of the People he Owns.

Asher: From Kennel Cat to King of the House

Being High and Lofty

How I Came to Love Black Cats

I worked in an animal hospital for about a year as a kennel attendant. Before working there, I was deathly afraid of cats. There was a black cat staying there permanently who was picked up as a stray by one of the clients. A technician suggested that I practice handling the black cat. He was a very sweet, verbal black kitty who always made a mess of his litter box. I always suspected he did it to get more attention from us as we passed by his kennel. As time went on, I felt more troubled that he was staying month after month in a kennel, so I decided to adopt him and named him Asher.

How Black Cats Differ from Other Cats

Black cats are special because on the outside, they appear to be your run-of-the-mill domestic short hair, but it's their personalities that make them unique. Asher loves playing hide and seek. He'll actually look for you and meow when he finds you, then he dashes off to hide while I count. He also throws a fit if he can't find you. Asher isn't the brightest cat, but that's what makes him so lovable and playful. His favorite "hiding places" don't hide him very well. One of them is behind a large curtain, but his bum hangs out and his flicking tail gives him away, because he adheres to the rule that if he can't see you, then you can't see him. Other cats attack your feet and bite, but Asher never bites or attacks too fiercely because he doesn't want to hurt us. He has other ways of punishing me, like the time he calmly ripped out 10 keys on my keyboard when I shooed him off my laptop.

Every twisty-tie, rubber band, and hairband are potential toys for him, and somehow everything ends up under the refrigerator. He likes being brushed with a big roll-brush, and licks peanut butter off our spoons when we're not looking. Asher still likes to kick his litter everywhere, just an added reminder that he's king of the house and we shouldn't forget that.

Tips and Tricks

  • Playing hide & seek is good cardio if you're trying to lose weight and have fun with your cat
  • Laptops are merely expensive warming pads for black cats so don't expect to get any work done.
  • It's easy to trip over a black cat in the dark when they're sleeping so move around cautiously at night
  • You'll never be lonely with a black kitty because they're so chatty.

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