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Black Cats Seem to Have Exaggerrated Personalities

Share Your Story: Why I Love Black Cats

By Melanie C., Jupiter, Florida

Black Cats Seem to Have Exaggerrated Personalities

My Little "Secret " in the Window Sill

Black Cats Seem to Have Exaggerrated Personalities

My Little "Boo" in the Same Window Sill

How I Came to Love Black Cats

Working at a cat clinic, a little black kitten named "Secret" by local Feline Friends was brought in. She was found in a water-filled dumpster, riddled with ringworm & so very tiny. Little as she was, when you walked up to her cage, she purred so loud. I spent time with her daily & fell in love. So I adopted her. She was the most perfect kitty I ever had! Sadly, she fell ill a year later & passed away. But, as far as pets go, it was the best year of my life! Oh how I miss my little Secret... Now I have another black kitty named Boo and she is so much fun! Different personality but still such a joy to have in my life

How Black Cats Differ from Other Cats

I think that black cats' personalities are just a bit more dramatic. "Secret" (mentioned previously) was so sweet, loving and followed me everywhere. "Boo" (her sequel) is a crazy kid who runs around and acts like a sassy-frass. She is a little priss but can turn on a dime! (In a fun way). Only black cats that I've had seem to have more exaggerated personalities. I love all my kitties, but I guess, too, since I only had my little Secret for a year, I will always want a little black kitty in my life for the rest of my life! They're so much fun!

Tips and Tricks

  • Cats are a delight no matter what color!
  • But I can't imagine my home without a black cat ever!
  • I don't believe that old superstition. I welcome a black cat to cross my path any day!

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