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My "Scary Black Cat" Kid Hides Under the Bed When Strangers Come

Share Your Story: Why I Love Black Cats

By lauriemidori

My "Scary Black Cat" Kid Hides Under the Bed When Strangers Come

That's my Kid!

How I Came to Love Black Cats

When I went to see an adoptable black kitten, picked her up and she rolled right over in my hands exposing her cute little belly. I brought her home a few weeks later and she has been the most loving, adoring, loyal, vocal cat I've ever had. She follows me from room to room, meows at the door when I get home from work, sits on the bathroom sink when I'm getting ready for work, sometimes hops up on my back (ouch!), tries to suckle my earlobe, makes the cutest little sounds and is overall just an awesome cat. I named her Kid which I thinks suits her perfectly.

How Black Cats Differ from Other Cats

My personal experience has been that they are more loyal and very dependent on their chosen person. Not to say other cats, colors, breeds, etc. aren't loyal and adorable, but of all the cats I've had this one just seems more so. Of course *all* cats are awesome regardless of the color of their fur.

Tips and Tricks

  • Black cats certainly don't bring bad luck.
  • Some people think black cats are scary or mean. My cat runs and hides under the bed when strangers come around. So much for being scary or mean.
  • Other people seem intrigued by black cats and tend to pay her extra attention once they get over any preconceived notions they might have.
  • Avoid picking up your black cat as much as possible when wearing a white shirt!

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