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Why I Love my Black Cat Foster-Adoptees

Share Your Story: Why I Love Black Cats

By nrjones

Why I Love my Black Cat Foster-Adoptees

Rosie With her Doll.

Why I Love my Black Cat Foster-Adoptees

Pete Relaxing

How I Came to Love Black Cats

One of the dangers of doing foster care is keeping the kittens that aren't adoptable for one reason or another. In my area, black cats are always the last to be adopted. Four of my six current cats are black - Pete was a scroungy looking foster kitten we fell in love with. Rosie sat at the shelter for 3 weeks without being adopted, even though she was the only kitten left. Shadow was the only one of a feral litter that we couldn't socialize - his former name is Spit-n-Hiss. Bear got ringworm & couldn't be adopted until he was healed - by the time he was over it, he had adopted us!

How Black Cats Differ from Other Cats

I love all my black cats for different reasons. Pete is the most lovable & always cuddles up with me, Rosie is my shy girl, Shadow is finally learning to trust us & Bear is my dinner companion. He's always around when food is out. I know Shadow, Rosie & Bear would have never been adopted because of their shyness so I feel that we saved their lives.

Tips and Tricks

  • Black cats bring great luck to a household. They are no different than any other cat, in fact, they can be the most loving, affectionate animals around.

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