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Share Your Story: Show off Your Personal Cat Blog

By Dominick Muracco

Guard Cats

Guard Cats are Always on the Look Out!

Guard Cats

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Guard Cats

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How Often I Update my Blog

multiple times per week

The Most Fun Part of Blogging

The most fun part is being able to document what my cats do on a weekly, if not daily basis. While we all have cats that may appear to be dull, boring, or sleep all too much, it's the small things they do that keep our love for them ever growing. I enjoy reading about others' cats, so I find great fun in explaining my cats' adventures to others. As far as blogging, in general, it takes some time to get organized with posts, appearance of blog, etc., but once you start posting all of the techincal issues are replaced with enjoyment when others read and comment on your posts.

The Hardest Part of Blogging

Getting started, and then keeping up with it as much as you would like. I have received many requests for possible blog post topics (which is great), but it takes a time commitment to be sure to make it all worthwhile. Of course, I'm happy to give it enough time or else I wouldn't have bothered to start my blog in the first place.


  • use pictures
  • post on a regular basis

Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

Brand new blog with three fairly lengthy daily entries - shows promise. Direct Link to Guard Cats

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