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Reader Stories: Life with a Red Cat


Red cats range in shades from the palest beige to the most vibrant dark orange, and can be either shorthair or longhair. They are most often male, but many red female cats can be found. They have warm, loving personalities, but also can be very strong-willed, and are often the alpha cat in a household. We celebrate red cats in December because their color reminds us of cozy fireplaces and holiday colors.

You are invited to share your photos and story of your own red cats on this site, using an easy form. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a red cat is the right pet for them.

Talk About Your Cat!


Bastet is the first girl red cat I have lived with since my original Ayla, who was the love of my life. She looks very much like her. She is definitely the boss cat but has not turned out to be too d…More

Molly Marie

She's quite the little lion - guarding the home front against intruders (outside cats, bugs and birds). She is extremely smart and extremely curious and not easily intimidated. SHE chases the vacuum …More


I would have to say he is a mommas boy and very playful and loving. Not a mean thought ever to be had. And him and his buddy are the beat of friends if you didn't know any better would think that the…More

Prince Harry

VERY playful and loving, cuddly and curious! Loves giving hugs and kisses can hold like a baby and his eyes close each time. Very easy to train and loves his tiny sister Zoie. He is the protector of …More


Luigi can be domineering & combative with his 2-cat kitty housemates at times. At other times he's affectionate & playful. By & large he's a healthy dude, and training him has never been a problem at…More


Garfield is a Maine Coon, and a very loving and beautiful cat. He is extremely friendly, loves everyone, on two legs or four. He is very intelligent and opens drawers and cabinets with ease. Usually …More


A little bit of a fraidy cat still. He is loving and likes to snuggle and have his fur "brushed up" He will answer when spoken to even if you ask him the same thing fifty times. Keddy has a sensitive…More


I would describe my cat as schizo! She runs around like a looney from room to room and up onto furniture jumping across to couches and tables, under furniture and up her cats stand, onto her steps in…More

Molly Marie

Funny and loving. Brave and adventurous. Curious and smart. Very smart.She Loves water. Loves to play in water, loves to hunt for water, loves to lie in the sink and drink water straight from the tap…More


Very special- he comes on walks with me, runs out of our house to greet me, upon hearing the sound of my car engine coming home, and is funny, so funny, too. He loves people, he will go up to anyone …More


Jingle is very smart. He took to the little pan right away. Since he's the office kitty he gets a lot of attention all day long. He hardly ever sleeps...well he is sleep now, it's almost 5 and time f…More


Sunny loves talking with human. It will make noises to show its attention towards something whether it wants to eat, play, seeing new cats, sleep and even when it wants to go to its litter box :) It …More


You can't beat Punkin for loving and patience. I rescued a frail abused kitten a couple months ago and Punkin was right there helping take care of this little girl. Gentle and caring. As for his heal…More


loving, friendly, sweet and adorable - he loves, just loves to fetch his ball, he will sit at my feet staring up at me with his ball next to him and will sit there until I acknowledge him. When I smi…More


loving, affectionate, funny, and always a joy to be around.he has had pink eye, but we treated him and his eyes are fine, a couple of years he got sick with something, we nursed him through it the ve…More

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