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Reader Stories: Life with a Red Cat


Red cats range in shades from the palest beige to the most vibrant dark orange, and can be either shorthair or longhair. They are most often male, but many red female cats can be found. They have warm, loving personalities, but also can be very strong-willed, and are often the alpha cat in a household. We celebrate red cats in December because their color reminds us of cozy fireplaces and holiday colors.

You are invited to share your photos and story of your own red cats on this site, using an easy form. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a red cat is the right pet for them.


Very handsome (everybody says so), super fun, active and smart. He just loves to sit in one's lap for us to pet. He's very well trained, but something that he keeps doing no matter what, is to climb …More


He's got a beautiful personality. He gets on with everyone & anyone that stays at our home wants to steal him away. He protects my baby kitten from anyone/thing. At one point we had a dog that wasn't…More

Orange Buddy

Orange Buddy loves to play. He has a game he has made up where he rolls his jingle ball down the basement stairs, picks it up at the bottom, brings it to the top of the stairs, and rolls it down agai…More


God's gift... In retrospect, I don't know what I would have done without her. Wasn't sure she'd even make it through the first night. Couldn't get close without her hissing & striking out. Now... she…More


our shy boy, he has a steady personality, quite laid back, very affectionate and a bit of a pig at feeding time. he enjoys watching himself in our bathroom mirror and watching tv.when his original p…More

Fluffy, Blondie, and Popeye

Fluffy was sweet, very mellow, but very playful! He and Goober would play-wrestle for hours on end. But he would get very grouchy when we tried to brush him. And that was a bit inconvenient, since he…More


Handsome, regal, loving and super fun! Loves to chatter at the birds, squirrels, flys and anything else he finds interesting. He has the softest fur and a darker ring target on each side. . .probably…More

Luigi and Buttons III

Buttons III - One of the family (as they all are). Very laid back except when the refrigerator or cupboard opens. The first one to jump up on the bed at night and claim his usual spot on Jim's pillow…More


He is my personal alarm clock & devoted ally. At breakfast he scarfs his portion of canned food, then proceeds to raid my other two cats' plates. He also knows how to annoy my other two (female) kitt…More


Playful, loving and "impishly" clever. If Shammy were human she'd be a fun, practical jokester "life-of-the-party" typeShammy is very smart and trained easily to her litter box. She's particularly go…More


Garfield is a healthy and loving cat. I call him my "Greeter" as he comes to see whoever comes to our door, from friends and family to the pizza delivery person. He greets them and talks to them and …More


She had a troubled kittenhood and it took awhile for her to bond with me or any human. But now she's bonded intensely. She is the most responsive, interactive cat I've ever had. She's smart--she reco…More


Croissant loves when I do meditation. He is always in that meditation mood. He is very friendly of the others cats and loves to sleep with them.When a kitten arrives at home (for adoption), he is the…More


Offal is not only a red cat, he's also a Hemingway cat - meaning he has extra toes! He has a total of twenty-four toes on his front and hind paws.He is extremely affectionate, but he's also quite a c…More


A big lovable cat who loves to get attention. He also knows where the treats are kept & will meow in various tones until I give him some. You have to be careful holding him because he likes to flex h…More

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