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Share Your Story: Life with a Red Cat

By juliebraley


Katze "endures" his kitten, Pants


Katze plays with his new "toy," Pants

Cat's Name & Age:

Katze (German for “cat”), about 3-1/2 years old

Best Characteristics of Red Cats

Rambunctious as a kitten and has mellowed out as he has aged. He has become very loving and enjoys cuddling, whereas he loved to play-fight with us as a kitten. We often joke that you only have to look at him and he’ll start purring away.

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Red Cat

Very curious and occasionally persistent. If he hasn’t been in a closet to investigate in a few days, he paws at the door to be let in, just in case something has changed...

When, Where and How I Got My Red Cat

We got Katze when we were stationed in Germany. Germans are hesitant to let Americans adopt animals because there is a history of Soldiers abandoning their pets when they move to their next duty station. We found Katze through a woman that my husband worked with, her babysitter had a farm with kittens. His exact birth date was lost in translation, but we think he was about 2 months old when he came to live with us.

I'd Describe My Cat As…

Very friendly and loving. When you talk to him, he’ll often meow back. He enjoys watching the birds at the birdfeeder (he “chatters” at them) and he LOVES toys with catnip in them (he’ll do somersaults and that strange “boxing/fighting” stance as he flies through the air after tossing the toy). Big Cat, his nickname since the kitten came to live with us, has become laid back; he tends to watch the kitten play. They seem to share the Alpha cat status: Katze always claims the highest perch on the kitty tree but he lets the kitten play with the toys and he grooms the kitten like a mother cat. He can be aggressive when they are play-fighting but the kitten ultimately wins because he weighs more (the “kitten,” Kitty Pants, is now about 1-1/2 years old). Katze is long and lean, even though he has a very good appetite. He becomes scared and hides when the doorbell rings or we have visitors; I’m not sure how he was treated before he came to live with us or if he was somewhat traumatized during the move to the USA when we left Germany. He has trained pretty well and understands most commands (even if he doesn’t immediately obey them, he’s about 75/25 on obeying the first time he’s corrected); my mother-in-law says the first cat is easier to train than a second cat, just like children :)


  • Love your tiger-kitty and they will love you back. I couldn’t have asked for a better first cat (I always thought I was a dog person, but I doubt I will ever own a dog again).

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