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Share Your Story: Life with a Red Cat

By fafarah90


Happy go lucky Sunny


Cute & friendly Sunny

Cat's Name & Age:

Sunny (7 months)

Best Characteristics of Red Cats

Red cats are usually smart, very playful, and friendly. They also love communicate with human and a very fast learner.

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Red Cat

Hyperactive. Its fun when they likes to play around in your house but its not fun when they are playing with all of the things inside your house like biting the phone wires or playing inside the litter box.

When, Where and How I Got My Red Cat

Few months ago, my family and I when breakfast at a place near a lake. On our way back to the parking lot, we found Sunny. Sunny was a baby back then and it came towards us and followed us back to the car. My mom said that Sunny was friendly and unique. So she decided to took it home and raise it :)

I'd Describe My Cat As…

Sunny loves talking with human. It will make noises to show its attention towards something whether it wants to eat, play, seeing new cats, sleep and even when it wants to go to its litter box :) It also loves to play hide and seek. Sunny loves to play with water so much. It also took care of our house when we're not around. Red cats are usually easy to trained because they are smart and they rarely have medical problems because they are fit and clean. Our family loves Sunny so much :)


  • Because they are very hyperactive and smart, its best that you should trained them some tricks and put them on cat show :)

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