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Share Your Story: Life with a Red Cat

By Karen Chmielewski


Taser and Maggie. . .What a Pair!

Cat's Name & Age:

Taser, 5 years old

Best Characteristics of Red Cats

Taser looks at me like I hung the moon and he can't live without me. All he asked for is my love which I gladly give. My grandson says "Owange Kitties are the best." I AGREE!

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Red Cat

He is so sensitive that he gets all worked up and even with a caregiver around, he develops stomach issues when I am gone more than 10 hours. And of course, I give in and I usually end up canceling travel plans because I would worry to much.

When, Where and How I Got My Red Cat

I was grieving hard over the loss of my Lilly (tiger domestic) and after months of struggling, one of my friends talked me into going to take a look at these wonderful kittens that had been born 1 month before my Lilly's passing. His mother looked like Lilly and was so kind. In an instant this handsome kitten "tasered" my heart beat back to life. I still miss my Lilly, but Taser has made my life so much better, that I can't imagine what I would have done without the good nudging of a friend to let a beautiful kitten pick me and bring me back to life.

I'd Describe My Cat As…

Handsome, regal, loving and super fun! Loves to chatter at the birds, squirrels, flys and anything else he finds interesting. He has the softest fur and a darker ring target on each side. . .probably because I was his target right from the beginning and I'm glad!


  • DO IT, DO IT, DO IT. . .adopt a "owange" kitty today!

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