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Share Your Story: Life with a Red Cat

By hrjay


zouks a couple of years ago


I think this was last year

Cat's Name & Age:

zouki, he's about 7 or 8 I cant remember how long it's been

Best Characteristics of Red Cats

He is so talkative, has something to say about everything. before zouks I didn't realize how meany sounds a cat could make, he has a different voice for all kinds of things,and always uses the same sound for the different things he wants to get across, I think at times he is smarter than i am.

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Red Cat

they can be very demanding, if they want something they will let you know, and expect it to get done on there time, not yours. At the same thin they can be very affectionate. zouks does not like to be picked up,he will lay by my side, and sleeps with me, always reaching out a paw to show he's there.

When, Where and How I Got My Red Cat

we got him from a farm as a kitten, hs is the only one that is not a rescue cat.

I'd Describe My Cat As…

loving, affectionate, funny, and always a joy to be around.

he has had pink eye, but we treated him and his eyes are fine, a couple of years he got sick with something, we nursed him through it the vet gave him some antibiotics, took about a few weeks, but he got through it.


  • I really don't know, just love them I guess, they will give you love and affection hours of entertainment, and just bring joy into your house. they don't ask for much, a clean litter box, good food, and fresh water, and of course a little love, if you can do that you will be rewarded with love and affection, and the best friend you will ever have. With cats it's a contest, you say I love you, and they say I love you more, and they mean it.

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