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Amazing Grace

Share Your Story: Life with a White Cat


Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace


Cat's Name & Age:

Amazing grace 2 years

Best Characteristics of White Cats

Gracie loves men!! She is a real flirt and loves to chew on my husbands beard and give his nose kisses! She keeps herself extra clean and has beautifull blue eyes. Most of the time she is the leader of all the fun with her sister pansy. We love this beautifull white cat!!

Most Challenging Characteristics of the White Cat

She loves to hide and play peek-a-boo! She can sneak up on you really easily. Loves loves the sunshine--she is always trying to stay clean and pretty.

When, Where and How I Got My White Cat

I was raising sealpoint Ragdolls and selling kittens. In one litter came grace. She was born pure white all over and stayed that way. I had never heard of a "blue" ragdoll. Turns out it was in the mother's background. She was and is so so pretty we had to keep her! She adopted us!!!

I'd Describe My Cat As…

A big people lover especially men! She comes to me when she wants attention and is always watching for my husband to sit in his chair. She owns him! He is her snuggle bug! She has been very healthy so far. Her and her sister just love each other and our two small dogs. Sometimes we think grace thinks she is a dog. She tussles with our shitzu on the floor each evening.


  • Be patient and kind. Get your white cat used to water just in case they will need a bath. Mine plays in the bath tub. Get used to brushing and i must insist they stay inside as they are beautiful and people will want to take them home.

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