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Share Your Story: Living with a Calico Cat

By Kathy Larzelere


Isis (in front) and Twister, yin and yang on the bed

Cat's Name & Age:

Isis - 16 AND Twister - 7

Best Characteristics of the Calico

They are loving kitties who - at least in my case - are very loyal. They are also great for what my husband and I refer to as "Dinner Theater" depending on what toy they have.

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Calico

They can sometimes be picky about their food; turning away from flavors that just the day or two before they loved.

Your Name (First Name Only is Allowed)


When, Where and How I Got My Calico

Isis was 6 months old in a no-kill shelter when we found her (named Eleanor at the time) 16 years ago. Her cage had a note on it that she needed "extra TLC" so I had to take her home! Fortunately, she thought it was a good idea to come home with us.

Twister came to us 6 years ago when a dear friend's two cats didn't take kindly to having a third one around. My husband's 16 year old cat had just crossed the Rainbow Bridge so we weren't sure we were ready to let another one in but who could resist her beautiful eyes and face.

I'd Describe My Cat As…

Isis is a Diva. She is Queen bee as the oldest kitty, and she pretty much does what she wants. She has developed Chronic kidney disease which has made it a little more challenging for us. Isis is also a bit more unusual as she had both male and female organs! We found that out when she had a blockage and had to have emergency surgery. Another odd thing is that if she has to vomit, she goes to her litter box and does it in the box. No, we did NOT train her to do that - she came that way!

Twister has many different habits: twisting herself into a "pretzel" when she wants attention; becoming "Parrot kitty" when she feels a little needy. She also has some allergies that make her a challenge to treat. An eyedropper or a syringe makes it easier when we can get her medicine in liquid form.

When the two of them sit near me - which is often - they almost look like a pair of bookends.


  • As with any kitty - Love them!
  • Experiment with common items in the home, like a box or a toilet paper roll, before going out and buying a lot of expensive toys. twister loves making a nest in a turned over box.
  • Keep plastic bags, sewing thread or material that you are going to work with out of the reach of them. Both of mine like to chew on the bags and are like vacuum cleaners if I don't keep threads away from them
  • Enjoy every minute you spend with them. But, they will only bond with one person at a time. They will be friendly and tolerate visitors but their loyalty is for one at a time.

Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

Isis is not a calico, as far as I can tell from this photo, but a lovely gray tabby with white. I'll have to leave her here, however, as there is no way for me to move files between Show and Tell galleries.

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