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Share Your Story: Living with a Calico Cat

By Anna


The day I got her


Mess she made

Cat's Name & Age:

Judith, 2

Best Characteristics of the Calico

Jude is very resilient. I've moved twice since I've had her and she's taken each move very well. She is always so curious about anything new.

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Calico

When she wants affection she stops at nothing to get it. But that can be so sweet sometimes. She also smothers strangers, especially males. Shes very vocal about everything she does.

Your Name (First Name Only is Allowed)


When, Where and How I Got My Calico

Jude was not planned. At the time I already had two boy cats. I would always visit the Hawaii Humane Society wishing I could adopt 10 more. I've always liked the older cats. But Jude won me over when I first laid eyes on her. She was climbing up the walls and bullying the other kittens while they were using the litter box. she just kept on playing like she had no end to her energy.

I'd Describe My Cat As…

Silly/goofy, She jumps over invisible objects.

Clumbsy, falls off tables while shes grooming. She knocks things over on a daily basis. I have not yet perfected Jude proofing my apartment.

Active. I wish she would sleep more.

Very affectionate, to anyone and everyone. Tomboy. Loves males

Vocal, she doesn't stop taking unless shes sleeping. Other than that shes very happy and health kitty.

Unique. Only sleeps when I sleep. waits outside my bathroom door until done. eats veggies. Stares at tv when I'm watching it.


  • be ready to have conversations with your calico
  • put time side for her
  • save a space for her on your bed

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