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Share Your Story: Living with a Calico Cat

By mssandora


Rogue just waiting for attention.

Cat's Name & Age:

Rogue, 7

Best Characteristics of the Calico

Sweet, funny, loyal, affectionate

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Calico

Rogue is an attention hound and she likes to paw at the covers to wake us up. And Rogue, for a calico isn't very graceful.

When, Where and How I Got My Calico

We just lost our beloved Ted (AKA Mr. Fuzzypants) to stomach cancer. I swore no more cats (like many people do), but 6 weeks later I learned of a stray cat living on a friend's porch.I spoke with the woman who had Rogue, she was headed out my way the next day and would drop her off. I didn't remember agreeing to that, but I'm glad she did. So far, Rogue has tolerated adding three additional kitties to the mix (although we just lost one due to his bad heart condition) and she and her adopted sister survived the flooding of Hurricane Ivan. She loves her humans and loves to stretch out full length and show her belly.

I'd Describe My Cat As…

Sweet, funny, likes to play, sometimes gets the cat crazies.

No health problems except a little tartar on her one back tooth (she's the only one that won't let us brush her teeth). And sometimes she needs cat lax to prevent dry stools.


  • For us our calico is like our other cats. They need affection. Love. And patience.
  • Calicos shed white fur. While they may be multi-colored, I like to say that's just tips because when you brush them (and when you find fur on your couch) it's white.

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