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My Domestic Cat, Precious

Share Your Story: Living with a Domestic Cat

By jogee

My Domestic Cat, Precious

During our nap

My Domestic Cat, Precious

Playing under the covers

Cat's Name & Age:

Precious 8 years old

Best Characteristics of the Domestic Cat

Long and lean, beautiful fur, face and eyes

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Domestic Cat

big cat, shedding of hair

When, Where and How I Got My Cat

I got my cat a year ago when she was 7 years old. My nephew got her for his children and then he kept sneezing so much, he was getting rid of her. Being alone and I had been wishing for a long time to get a cat. I took her in.

I'd Describe My Cat As…

She is so sweet that is why I named her Precious.

She loves to cuddle and is a lap cat. She is very smart.

She was so easy to train to lay down, come here and go

lay down.

We have our special time every day taking a nap together.

She is in great health and loves to play under the covers in bed.


  • Don't ever yell at your cat.
  • They are very loving and need tenderness of soft and sweet words.
  • Get checkups and keep them in good health.
  • Give them all love and attention every day.

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