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Reader Stories: Life with a Tortoiseshell Cat


Tortoiseshell cats are wildly popular, along with their sister cats, the calicoes. Their colorful tri-color coat patterns, along with their unique personality, fondly called "tortitude" makes them a favorite among cat lovers.

But like people, each cat is unique. If you share your home with a tortoiseshell cat, we'd like to know more about her. Your story will help prospective cat adopters decide whether a tortie cat is the right pet for them.

Talk About Your Cat!


Addley is definitely a smart cat! She has learned to wake me up to feed her at night by putting her paw under the metal handle of the dresser and lifting it up to clink on the other metal handle. Wha…More


The smartest one in the house She always knows how to get her way! Sammy has wide eyes and can look right through you. She is very persistent And won't give up until she gets what she wants, Tortitud…More

SAS Molly

SAS molly the kitten, what can I say, I think she ran away from an army camp, as she knows all the moves, how to get into things, how to swing of things, you name it she has got into it. Here are som…More


She is a very loving kitten - I have never owned a cat, but my friends who own cats have said she is particularly trusting and sweet for such a new addition to my home. She does however like to wake …More


Roozu definitely exudes tortitude. She is sassy, but sweet, and she just KNOWS she is the best and that she should be showered in attention 24/7 (to the point that if you are not petting her, she wil…More


She is a real beauty. Many people have complimented her beauty. She also lets you know that she is the boss. We had her at the vets, and they told us to remove her bandage on her leg. We knew that wo…More


She does have tortitude!! sometimes hits her brother for no reason, and a note at our vet says that she can be angry. (again, sweet to me, not other people). She is mellowing as she ages, though. I g…More


Ezri definatly has tortitude. Since she was let out at six months, shes acted like queen of the block. She likes to boss the other cats around, even when they are twice her size! She climbs up everyt…More


she is wonderful and I'm happy for all the time I've had and will continue to have with her. She definitely keeps me and the kids on our toes and is always doing something to make us laugh. She is no…More


Spunky, fun, lovable, cuddly, playful, energetic, very people oriented. She loves to play, loves attention, but can flip on a dime and become fiesty and bite. It is hilarious watching her romp around…More


Tiny, playful, beautiful diluted tortie. Early bird that catches toys for us. As for her "tortitude": she is very independent and vocal, and very possesive of her "mom"In her playful moments she forg…More


She is a definite lapcat- if she could be in my lap all day long she would. She tends to be a little nervous, especially if surprised, and is a little bit of a finicky eater. But truly the sweetest, …More


Chloe is very independent and loves to give kissess on her time. She is so frisky and loves sitting in her chair near the window and basking in the sun. She has a scratching post and loves to play on…More


She most definitely has a tortitude!! My cat is also extremely spoiled..might have something to do with it. My cat has been spoiled sense she has been a kitten..and any meow or cry we give her what s…More


Bonnie is very hard headed and persistent. She constantly churdles and meows for more food and if not for that she just wants to announce her presence. She is very temperamental. She let's you know w…More

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