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Reader Stories: Life with a Tortoiseshell Cat


Tortoiseshell cats are wildly popular, along with their sister cats, the calicoes. Their colorful tri-color coat patterns, along with their unique personality, fondly called "tortitude" makes them a favorite among cat lovers.

But like people, each cat is unique. If you share your home with a tortoiseshell cat, we'd like to know more about her. Your story will help prospective cat adopters decide whether a tortie cat is the right pet for them.

Snickers aka Snickerdoodles

My shadow and best friend. She loves to be around me. When I come home at the end of the day, she has to have a 20 minute conversation with me about her day. And I have to respond or she will just ge…More


Self confident and very active. I'm hoping that my tortie continues to be very active in her adult years to keep slim. She lets the other cats know exactly what she wants and how she feels. I have 5 …More


Mitzi is a very loving and friendly kitty and her move into our household has been seamless, it feels as if she has always been here. Our two cats accepted her immediately (they were familiar with he…More

Molly Anne

All girl, sweet and lovey, though she does not like to be held or cuddled. She is so beautiful! Molly is a very sweet girl. She is also very much a little girl. When she walks her little tushy swishe…More


a character! You can tell her mood by her facial expressions and that look in her eye! watch out if all you can see is black in her eyes cuz that means she's up to something or about to take off.....…More


Teakee is a mix of spunk and love... She is warmly affectionate and loving. She is a very happy soul, always upbeat and always underfoot. Teakee is a very social kitty who has to be everywhere you ar…More

Maggie and Lilly

Maggie and Lilly are definitely torties, the exhibit lots of spunk, they like to play and run daily, and wait for me to get out their toys, they greet me when I come home, not just waiting for food, …More


a bit hard to get to know, but now she has settled in quite well. She can be very standoffish at times and does not really like to be in my lap or groomed. Her fur is long but does not knot up and sh…More


Allegra has definitely read the book on tortitude. She's very sweet and becoming more and more affectionate, but she also has a wild streak. She loves to play and race through the house, but she also…More


Katy is the queen of the kingdom. She is beautiful. Bill says that the golden spot on her forhead is the thumbprint of God. Since Sam made his transition 3 years ago, Katy came out of her shell. She …More

Cee Cee

A REAL love bug. She LOVED to be brushed from Day One! But I could not pick her up - she would try to bite and scratch. It took her a year to finally calm down (she was easily startled and whenever I…More


I would describe Sasha as my equal...my mini-me. She is stubborn and stands her ground and she also shows concern for me when I am not feeling well. It is as if our souls are linked. I could not have…More


Fiona, the tortie of my dreams! is a long-haired, fluff ball lover who adores her daily brushings and demands to be worshipped for her cuteness - which I am glad to do! Her eyes glow like emerald/tur…More

Spice Girl

the most Loving kitty. She is Super Curious, Sweet & Silly,a great disappearing artist, who will sneak into any closet if given the opportunity. Spice is a sweet gift giver & though she is an inside …More

Ms. Puss

Ms. Puss is really a sweetheart, but very independent. Our son warned us that she had her own focus on what she wanted and when she wanted it. If she is locked indoors too long she goes stir crazy an…More

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