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Reader Stories: Life with a Tortoiseshell Cat


Tortoiseshell cats are wildly popular, along with their sister cats, the calicoes. Their colorful tri-color coat patterns, along with their unique personality, fondly called "tortitude" makes them a favorite among cat lovers.

But like people, each cat is unique. If you share your home with a tortoiseshell cat, we'd like to know more about her. Your story will help prospective cat adopters decide whether a tortie cat is the right pet for them.

Winnie and Callie

Winnie and Callie have "Tortitude", but show it in different ways. While Winnie is very self-assured, she doesn't need to show dominance over us humans or the rest of her feline family (seven other c…More


Lovable is the first word that comes to mind. Then maybe friendly, never meets a stranger. Definately a people cat.Can be a little selfish towards the other cats, mostly in regard to attention. ( I h…More


Fritter is so calm and mild-mannered, I can't imagine anyone thinking she has "tortitude." She loves to sit next to people on the couch, sleep away the day in one of her many beds, and her very favor…More


A complex personality. She is stubborn but with patience I am able to get her used to change or stop a bad habit. She is a talker, which I love. She snuggles with me but also spends time alone. She i…More

Kissa - A White Tortie?

Attitude, independent, beautiful, daring, adventuresome, clever. Not much of a lap cat but could probably be trained to do things. Smart and enjoys challenges. Could never say she had a sweet disposi…More


Loving to everyone and loves to play - a lot. I thought in the beginning that as she got older that she would slow down but that is not true in Missy's case. And she can 'hold her own' when it comes …More


Oh, my, yes. I had never known or had a tortie. This kitty was a whole new ballgame for me. I've had cats my whole life, but Sonsy is my fist tortie and my first inside-only cat. I'm sorry, I didn't …More


Sweet, sweet, sweet! Full of spunk, energy and love. Monique loves to play with/chase anything that moves; she also loves to zip around the room and just be a kitten. She's also beautiful-just look a…More


Mentally disturbed. I often say that the fuzzy must go all the way thru her brain. I also say she is all mixed up because her colors are. She can't decide between lovey yellow tabby and whatever else…More


She was a really good cat, the best of my 10 cats. I think she was thankfull becouse I saved her, [because]she never bite me,or scratch me. In april she gave me 2 beautiful kittensMy cat died few day…More


She definitely has tortitude. She is the third tortie I have had and I love them because of that attitude. I know in the US she would be called calico but here in Australia she is classed as tortoise…More


Quirky, goofy, affectionate, funny and absolutely beautiful. She has eyes like Bela Lugosi in the old Dracula movies especially when she looke at me and puts her ears back. I wouldn't say she has 'to…More

Ash and Mya

Ash is cariing and loving but prefers to have personal space while relaxing. Sh's easy going and goes with the flow. Very balanced.Mya is dominate but loves to play and sleep under the covers with yo…More

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