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Reader Stories: Living with a Manx Cat


Manx are described as "rumpies," "stumpies," or "tailies," depending on the length of tail. Long-tailed Manx cats may be used for breeding, as they carry the recessive tailless gene, but only "rumpies" are eligible for competition in the championship category at CFA shows. Here's a profile of the breed that describes common characteristics of Manx Cats. But like people, each cat is unique. If you own a Manx, we'd like to know more about your pet. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a Manx is the right pet for them.


Booboo was very hyper for most of her life (until the last few months of her life, when she became ill). She was constantly chasing toys around the house, and meowing at the top of her lungs to let u…More

Siblings Hammer and Tongs (RIP)

Hammer when curled up was a ball of fluff, looked adorable, the sort of pretty creature you'd see on a box of chocolates or an Xmas card. Her sister had the long back legs of the breed to an exaggera…More


Smart but still kittenish (i.e. Easily spooked but playful 24/7) After a day of Buddy hissing at Rocky (who DID stink at 1st) I bought a Feliway diffuser and soon Buddy became "maternal". They are no…More


Bones is the sweetest being. She is calm and quiet: she's never meowing, she only makes those funny gentle noises. She follows me around like a dog wherever I go, even to the bathroom. She always wan…More

My Rescued Manx, Bela

Unfriendly. She hates other cats - - hisses and screams at them. Does not like to be picked up. Will sit on your lap only when she feels like jumping up there. She went to the litter box right away, …More

Black Manx Cat, Thom

My cat acts more like a dog, than a cat, IMHO! It's funny b/c I'm not the only person who thinks that way. He'll sleep with my husband and me during the night. Whenever I wake up is when he gets up. …More

My Tailless Cats Grace and Blue

Gracie is the "bold" one; Blue is very shy, even with her adopted people - me and my husband. This is interesting, since we have both a shy and a bold dog. The cats have aligned themselves accordingl…More

My Rescued Manx Ali

Ali is a white and tan, short-haired Manx with beautiful gold eyes! She is VERY playful and gets along great with my Hungarian Vizsla dog. She is starting to recognize the words "NO" and "GET DOWN". …More

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