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Share Your Story: Living with a Persian Cat

By VT24


Chloey (is this pic upside down? Oh darn


Chloey The Calendar cat

Cat's Name & Age:

Chloey. She will be 3 years old on February 14th. (Valentines Day)

Best Characteristics of the Breed

Her beautiful big eyes and her beautiful Black coat. She is also very smart

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

Keeping her furrballs in check...but she is a very patient love muffin.

When, Where and How I Got My Cat

I got Chloey from a breeder up North called "Purrerze". Her name is Deb, (she is now retired). Chloey had been in a previous home but unfortunately there was a death in that family & Chloey had to go back to Deb who often takes her kitties back when occurrences like such would happen. She still was for sale, but not as expensive as her kittens. (All Purebreds and pedigreed). I fell in love with her face, which reminded me of my late "Heather."

I'd Describe My Cat As…

Chloey is a beautiful long haired black Persian with big yellow piercing eyes that captivate every person she meets. She loves to sit on laps of men. She is very friendly and helps me decide who is the right guy to date.

Chloey is the most beautiful Black cat I feel I have ever seen in my life. She has big lips that pucker & a personality that spells "DIVA" all over it.

She even has her own kitty loft here where she is separated from the other 2 kitties where she goes up there and eats her food.

This cat came to me luckily with no medical issues. She is strong and healthy and can leap Chairs and barstools in a single svelte leap. She is very demure. She should be a show cat. I am trying to figure a way to make her one. She would win in her category. She lets me pet her and get her furrballs out. And at night she protects me and sleeps in my bed with me. I love her.


  • Cats are very independent, but they do need a certain amount of human touch and connection. I work a full time job. But afterwards, I am sure to come home and give them the attention they need. Also, if a person thinks they work a job too much to own a cat, try having 2, because then they have each other to play with and entertain during the day, & it's less stress on the owner.
  • Persians especially are very smart and quite people-like. They get used to a routine and it is worth it to have them, because they are soo loveable and unconditional. As long as you can afford routine groomings, or learnit, they are a blas

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