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My Traditional Siamese Beauty, Twitch

Share Your Story: Living with a Siamese Cat

By twoheadedboy

My Traditional Siamese Beauty, Twitch

Twitch Loves Bags of all Shapes and Sizes.

My Traditional Siamese Beauty, Twitch

Twitchie, my Beautiful Traditional Siamese.

Cat's Name & Age:

Twitch, 5

Best Characteristics of the Breed

Playful, affectionate, very people-oriented.

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

She can be really demanding and she NEVER stops meowing.

When, Where and How I Got My Siamese Cat

My mom bought Twitch's mother, a Traditional Siamese, for me when I was younger. Because she had such attractive conformation and personality we decided to have her bred. She only had the one kitten, Twitch, which we kept. For various reasons, Twitch ended up being the cat I took with me when I moved out and we have been living happily together ever since!

I'd Describe My Cat As…

Twitch has always been a little neurotic - she's very happy when she's hanging out with me but she wants my constant, undivided attention all the time and she gets very upset when she can't have it! She meows non-stop when she doesn't get what she wants. She can be really timid around strangers but once she warms up to them she's her usual playful, affectionate self. She's much happier being an only cat and her personality has really come out since she moved out with me.

She's always been very well-behaved and attuned to me. It's been very easy to teach her what behaviors I'm not okay with. She scratches on her scratching post only, and has very good litterbox habits. She loves to play fetch, which she taught herself. Twitch also has some weird quirks - for example she absolutely adores plastic bags and will lick them all day long if she can. She thinks it's hilarious to fill my shoes and her water dish with as many toys as she can fit. Unfortunately she has never enjoyed being picked up and merely tolerates it at the best of times, but she loves to cuddle and is very much a lap cat.

Twitch has never had any medical problems. In the five years I've had her, she has always been healthy and still acts like a kitten most of the time. Although she can be pretty demanding, I love everything about her and I'm so glad she is my whacky Siamese baby!


  • If you're looking for a low-maintenance cat that won't require your attention a lot of the time, a Siamese is probably not the right match for you.
  • They are almost dog-like in their devotion to you and are very expressive when they are unhappy about something!
  • If you live in an apartment building where noise is an issue, a Siamese might also pose some problems as they can be very vocal.
  • Conversely though, if you want a pet that you can interact with all the time a Siamese might just be the right choice - provided you don't mind the energy investment, they make wonderfully loving, playful pets.

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