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Share Your Story: Living with a Tuxedo Cat

By George


My good buddy Doodle

Cat's Name & Age:

Doodle, who is about 3 and a half now

Best Characteristics of the Tuxedo

Very smart and great sense of humor. My boy has put on some pounds, and really cranks out the heat when he curls up next to me (didn't need the electric blanket all winter!)

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Tuxedo

He's a smart boy, and drags the drain trap out of the bathtub. Also drops his mouse into the water bowl.

When, Where and How I Got My Tuxedo

Doodle and I met through the bars of a cage at the local pet rescue. He was there a long time, I had just lost my beloved Sally the week before and was heartbroken, Something told me to go meet a cat; I'd like to believe Sally loved me so much she sent me there because I needed a cat to care for me. I spent a week talking to him every night after work, finally got him to touch my hand to seal the deal and come home. It took a year but he came out of his shell (I don't know what his first year was like). Now we rub chins and are best buddies.

I'd Describe My Cat As…

A truly good person. He's funny, and tries to be patient. He also watches the ceiling now from the bed, remembering when he spotted a spider wlking there that I then caught (and gave him credit). See, protecting me always! He got several nicknames like Chunk, buddy boy, Mr. Do, and Bubba.


  • Cats are a healing thing, and Doodle is a prime example. We healed each other and now both look forward to the end of the day when we can rub chins and his belly, and I get a couple wet kisses.
  • Just be patient and let them find their personality. Don't try to mold a cat into a trained pet.
  • Tuxedos are really smart, then will watch you and figure out the relationship.

Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

George and his Sally Roo have been featured on my website several times.

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