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Share Your Story: Living with a Tuxedo Cat

By gpwussow


ready to ride


his roomy

Cat's Name & Age:

Kit 2yrs. old

Biscuit 1 1/2 yrs old

Best Characteristics of the Tuxedo


Most Challenging Characteristics of the Tuxedo

is not a lap cat

When, Where and How I Got My Tuxedo

found on a county road , in Eagan MN. He was all beat up and aprox. 3-4 weeks old.

I'd Describe My Cat As…

Kit is a friendly indoor cat. healthy, somewhat jealous of Biscuit, my other rescued buddy. Kit was easy to litter box train, but it took a while for him to stop play biting, he does have fun chasing Biscuit, he outweighs her by 5lbs, but she can do a one-arm take-down of him. Biscuit tries to cuddle up and be buddies with the tux Kit but his affection is directed at me.

I'm 62 and these are the first pets I've ever had, wish I would have found them earlier in life.Kit is lying half on my keyboard as I peck away.


  • If you can, wait till hs/her mother has socialized him. 9-10 weeks old, Kit was abandoned on the road,and was kind of wild for a month or so.

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