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Reader Stories: Living with a Tuxedo Cat


Tuxedo cats' striking colors: all black, with a white big and sometimes white boots, have almost become a classic among cat lovers. Here's a profile of the breed that describes common characteristics of Tuxedo Cats. But like people, each cat is unique. If you share your home with a Tuxedo, we'd like to know more about your cat. Your story will help prospective owners decide whether a Tuxedo is the right pet for them.


Low key, laid back. Very loveable, but not "in your face." He has some health issues with feline urologic syndrome, but hes very happy and has a great home. He has to eat medicated cat food, but he i…More

Snoogly (RIP)

Sitting in a cage at the SPCA, peeking behind bars, he put his paw out at me and I asked to see him. A tiny thing, a runt of the litter I thought and with a huge purr. The attendant said he fell asle…More


a little person :) marley looks you straight in the eye- to the point where you know he understands everything you're saying. as for training, i have NEVER had any sort of problem with him. in the tw…More


loving, pretty, playful. she was very comfortable as soon as she arrived at our home, she didn't hide or anything like that, we kept her bed near us in the lounge where we would sit and kept it on th…More


Handsome, Smart, playful, big hearted, kind. No medical issues at all. He loves drinking water from the bathroom water faucets! His personality is more like a dog than a cat. He loves to be "rocked" …More


A complete oddity. Bear is more of an introvert, but is still very playful at times. He's a master at catching flies and giving hugs. He loves to jump up on your lap and hang out while you type away …More


Playful, a bit mischievous, we had to train him that biting hurts which is usually because the cat didn't spend enough time with other cats and was not bitten himself in play. He has a bit of a dust …More

Raspittin aka Cujo Cat

A benevolent dictator. He rules our house with a furry iron paw. Though he causes much consternation, you just can't stay angry with the little tyrant. He is very healthy. Thin and lithe. He is also …More

Scooter and Twiggy Wigglesby

They are social butterflies! They 'herd' all the other 'foundling' cats we've adopted (total of 7) and groom them, socialize the kittens and generally act like 'camp counselors'! If someone tries to …More


Has attitude, can be lazy at times when relaxing, but goes into sniper mode for killing and hunting!! Gophers, lizards, dogs....He is really playful and unpredictable at times. He catches mice for fu…More

Mr. Mistoffelees

Miz was already trained when I got him, I assume by the shelter because he was a stray. He's much less into playing than our other cats, but he will fight back when our youngest, hyperactive mixed ca…More


Very fun, friendly, and a dog in a cats body. He has very good health he is an inside cat even though he would love to go outside if we let him. He loves to play he will hide from you n when you walk…More


Shes a very sweet, playful & intelligent kitty. She loves to rub her face on our nose. I love it when she lays on her back waiting for a tummy rub & then she drifts off to sleep. I have bought all ki…More

Oreo Charlie

A fun loving, energetic cat. He loves to chase ballz and play with his toys. Yeah he also likes to cuddle and lick people face and rub against people.He is also very soft and sensitive cause every ti…More


He is a little skittish with my brother and he does have some anxiety issues because he was a feral. He loves to snuggle with me in bed and is very vocal when he sees me coming toward him. He does ci…More

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