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Reader Stories: Adopted Shelter Kittens Success Stories


Adopted shelter kittens and kittens from rescues can make the very best lifelong companions. During 'kitten season' shelters are overflowing with kittens to choose from. You can help free up shelter space for more needy cats by adopting two or more kittens. Share your adopted kitten photos and stories here.

If you couldn't resist one or more of these shelter kittens and have given him or her a forever home, share your happy ending story, including up to two photos, with other readers.

Read the stories, then post your own with an easy form

Karamel and Rhapsody

One! I would never turn away a kitty in need. I saw these kittens and just knew that I would keep some. I would always find a way to get a kitten a home. All Cats deserve a happy warm home to grow up…More


in alot of ways i think God gave her to me, to fill the void in my heart and to help in the recovery of my 15 yr drug addiction,because of her ive been clean a yr,and going to therapy. It doesn't get…More

Quinn (RIP)

In the few days after first seeing Quinn's mug shot on Pet Pardons, his picture just kept appearing on my FB page, as a reminder, saying hey, I'm still here, come save me, I will love you more than y…More

Bel - Adopted Shelter CAT

Just one! It was love at first sight on my part, she was abused and had a bad attitude....down right mean actually. She is a ragdoll that was also never groomed. The shelter had to shave her to get a…More


I was on our local shelter's website because they were having a clear the shelter thing going on. The clear the shelter thing was $10 for any animal. All of the animals are up to date on shots and sp…More

Tangerine and Clementine

We visited two shelters and spent an hour in the first one and we found the girls in the second one. We spent about two hours there (mostly playing with the girls and falling in love with them and as…More


We did visit two shelters and also had a look online but when it came to looking at the kittens I had seen I didn't feel a conection. But in the second shelter that's when I saw him and it was love a…More


I don't go to the shelters because I will bring them all home.If I had room I might just do that but I do not. They all deserve a special bond and love from humans. God gave them to us to love and tr…More


It only took one visit. After that first visit, I started bottle feeding for them and I have raised about 20 or 30 now on a bottle and had to give them back so she could get them adopted, but i know …More

Zeke and Wanda

It took me two weeks of serious contemplating and talking myself into taking ONLY TWO. And I knew I would take black cats because they seem to be doomed (and the pound was about 75%black cats). I wen…More

My Rescued Street Kittens, Ginger, Hoppy, and Tony

I never visited any shelters,We don't have any shelters in our County so I took them in,and there are plenty more out there that need help,we had a neuter and spay program, but it went out of busines…More

Ferdinand and Akita: Not just "Stand-ins for Dogs"

My fiance and I only briefly toyed with the idea of getting a cat before we stumbled out of a restaurant one afternoon and into the local shelter. We had been discussing it at lunch and already had a…More

Rescued Colony Kitten Taylor

We had seen Taylor in the colony a couple of times before, and treated his eyes for the infection. Some of the kittens with the same problem get better with just this treatment, but he was one of the…More

Stumpy and Friends

I did start looking at first in the paper for free kittens but none of them was just the right one for me. See, I first looked for a long hair, white female with blue eyes and she wasn't there so i d…More

Purrcy, my Adopted Polydactyl Kitten

Only one! I had never heard of polydactyl cats before. I saw one cat who looked like Joshua but when we were introduced, he just looked at me as if to say, "Nope, not interested!" Purrcy's cage had a…More

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