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Bel - Adopted Shelter CAT

Share Your Story: Adopted Shelter Kittens Success Stories

By kimbarimba

Bel - Adopted Shelter CAT

Our beautiful Bel enjoying the lanai

My Kitten's Name and Age at Adoption

She is very loving when she wants to be! Loves to snuggle sometimes. Is a great foot warmer, she sleeps at the end of our bed!

My Kitten's Special Personality Traits

Bel and I talk to each other! If I ask her a question she will meow with an answer....for instance "do you want to go outside" she will say yes then run to the lanai door. I never let her outside...just on our screened lanai!

Significant Benefits of our Relationship

Bel came along after I lost my cat of 18 years. She is a very special part of our home.

Why I'd Do It All Over Again

Without a doubt!

What led me to adopt a shelter kitten

Knowing that there are so many cats that are in need of a forever home, I was intent of adopting a shelter cat. Bel was 3 years old when we got her....she will be 8 this March.

How many visits did you make before adopting?

Just one! It was love at first sight on my part, she was abused and had a bad attitude....down right mean actually. She is a ragdoll that was also never groomed. The shelter had to shave her to get all the mats off of her. It didn't take long for her to realize that she was in her forever home. Bel now has 2 other cats to share HER home with....which we added just this year. Boy was she mad at that!!! It has taken 7 months for her to accept the new kitties. Thankfully we have a happy ending!


  • Older cats need to be adopted too!

Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

Since Bel was three when she was adopted, she really doesn't qualify as an Adopted Shelter KITTEN. However, I have no way of moving her to the Adopted Shelter Cats Show and Tell, so she stays here by default. Nice story - beautiful cat.

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