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Share Your Story: Adopted Shelter Kittens Success Stories

By amber craig


playing with the camera cord

My Kitten's Name and Age at Adoption

she is so skittish and shy, she had a rough begining and is still dealing with trust issues, but hopefully with alot of TLC she will begin to trust myself end my family

My Kitten's Special Personality Traits

share a personal bond with my kitten, and her with me. every morning, as our tradition, around 6:30am she climbs on my chest,puts her face in mine and begins the process o using her paws to dig out my earplugs(that i have to use to go to sleep because she parties all night)to wake me to feed her

Significant Benefits of our Relationship

she has made me look forward to having something to care for. i lost my son 8 yrs ago and the void has been hard to fill, but caring and loving her helps my heart heal just a little. Knowing that something is depending on me for happiness and their life is a wonderful responsibility to have.

Why I'd Do It All Over Again

Because she is a wonder really and i didnt really care for any kind of animals until i got her, she has changed my views in that, and im greatful

What led me to adopt a shelter kitten

i didnt adopt her from a shelter. she had got into the hood of my car, and i noticed her crying going down the rd at 85 miles per hour. I took my car to a mechanic and had him remove her, i fell in love instantly at her dirty and greasy face. my car is a Kia, she her name was born from that. i still dont know how she ended up in my car or how she got there,if someone threw her out in the st or what,but im glad i found her either way.

How many visits did you make before adopting?

in alot of ways i think God gave her to me, to fill the void in my heart and to help in the recovery of my 15 yr drug addiction,because of her ive been clean a yr,and going to therapy. It doesn't get much better than this.


  • i advise anyone who has never thought of cats as good therapy for the heart in healing and recovering, to give it a chance.I was one of the most stubborn people in the world,hated change and never really believed in miracles, but my Kia has helped me in more ways than i could ever express. My heart is softer, my voice quieter, my nerves better, and for the first time in a long time i feel like there is hope for me to be a better person one day. I was on drugs for 15 yrs and had no intention of stopping,i went into recovery to please my mom,but after i found Kia i found that i had things to look forward to

Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

Wonderful story, Amber. I had to rearrange some things and add a sentence to comply with the minimum character requirements.

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