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Share Your Story: Adopted Shelter Kittens Success Stories

By xClaireBear85x


enjoying having toys to play with <3


looking pretty <3 xoxox

My Kitten's Name and Age at Adoption

Hiya (",) I have recently adopted a gorgeous little ginger tabby female kitten, from our local shelter. We called her, Maisie. We aren't sure exactly how old she is but the shelter think she's around 15 weeks old.

We got her for a playmate for my 7 month old pearly white, princess Mitzy <3 xoxox

My Kitten's Special Personality Traits

We have had Maisie almost two weeks and she has settled in so quickly! She is such a sweet little girl, very playful. She never bites or scratches and loves to snuggle up beside us. When she's sleepy, she suckles on our skin, like she would her mother. I feel we have an instant bond. <3

Significant Benefits of our Relationship

I think giving Maisie a loving furever home is good for her and also for, Mitzy as Mitzy isn't so bored anymore, she has someone of her own species to play with. Maisie didn't deserve to spend her life stuck in a cage!

Why I'd Do It All Over Again

I am a huge animal lover, especially cats and I hope to have many more rescue fur-babies in the future!

What led me to adopt a shelter kitten

Rescue cats/dogs are the most loyal and lovable :)

How many visits did you make before adopting?

I saw Maisie on the shelter website and immediately submitted an adoption application, which was successful and we got her the very next day! She looked even more gorgeous in the flesh! She was tiny :) it broke my heart leaving all the other beautiful cats behind :( xoxox


  • DON'T SHOP - ADOPT :) <3 xoxox

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