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Share Your Story: Adopted Shelter Cats Success Stories

By Chris Piwowarski


Miss Chloe

What led me to adopting a shelter cat

When my 13 yr old cat Lucy passed away I decided to adopt my next cat from a shelter.

How many visits did you make before adopting?

I started looking online at cats. I looked on Petfinder for a couple of months. I kept going back to one little pure white cat with blue eyes. Something about her kept drawing me back to her, so on December 26, 2008 we went to the animal shelter and I brought her home.


  • My advice would be to know what you want before you go. Do research ahead of time. Take your time deciding. When you go to a shelter, don't close your mind to other cats if you have one picked out. Pick a cat that will fit your situation at home.

My Cat's Name and Age at Adoption

My cat's name is Chloe. The shelter told me she was 1 year old, but my vet said she was more like 2-3 yrs old. She is now 7 years old.

The Mutual Bond I Share With my Cat

Chloe is a special needs cat. The shelter had little information on her so there was no background. She is very shy, and can be very sweet one minute, and terrified the next. She needs a lot of patience, and TLC, but from the moment I brought her home, taking her back was NEVER an option.

Significant Benefits of our Relationship

Chloe is very low maintenance. She is very quiet, and can be very loving when she wants to be. She gives me purpose and I love her very much. She has taught me tolerance, and patience.

Why I'd Do It All Over Again

I would, and have adopted from shelters again.. I volunteer at a shelter too ,and I see so many cats that need homes. I adopt adult cats. I adopted an 8 yr old cat a month ago to keep Chloe company.

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