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Shadow and Calliope

Share Your Story: Adopted Shelter Cats Success Stories

By kathyb53

Shadow and Calliope

Calliope & Shadow

Shadow and Calliope

Dynamic duo!

What led me to adopting a shelter cat

I had just lost a very old kitty to kidney disease and felt very sad. This was especially difficult as I had adopted the cat when my elderly aunt passed away and even though the kitty was 16 years, we had hoped to give her several more happy years. Sadly, that did not happen.

The following day, I accidentally read that a local shelter had an over-abundance of adoptable kittens, so I went to take a look. I could NOT choose just one! One of the two kittens that stole my heart was immediately available and we took him home. The second one I had to wait several days for, before she would be available.

How many visits did you make before adopting?

I made the second trip and showed up at the shelter right on the dot on the day she was going to be available, to take home our second new baby. The bond was immediate with Calliope, just as it had been with Shadow. I know from my research that black cats have the hardest time being adopted, so this made the choice an even better one!


  • Please consider checking out a shelter cat or kitten who truly needs a good home.
  • Bear in mind that there is a good chance you may have a few health issues due to their having been in the shelter. In our case, Shadow (first kitten) had an upper respiratory issue and an eye infection within a day or two of being brought home. He was taken in to the vet, though, and is just about 100% less than a week later

My Cat's Name and Age at Adoption

#1: SHADOW age 8 weeks

#2 CALLIOPE age 5 months

The Mutual Bond I Share With my Cat

I was chosen by both kittens and when I am home, they vie for the chance to sit in my lap. I know that they will both grow up to be beautiful cats and even after less than a week, both have adapted to our home.

Why I'd Do It All Over Again

Knowing we saved two little lives brightens my life everyday!

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