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Onegai, Tripod Cat

Share Your Story: Special Needs Cats' Stories

By Yami'sQueenJess

Onegai, Tripod Cat

Onegai, a few weeks after his surgery

Onegai, Tripod Cat

Onegai today

Cat's Name, Age at Adoption and Now, and Gender

Keitaro Onegai Kami-sama, A*k*A Onegai,

2hrs , now 6 years 5 mo 2wks 5 days,


Name of Special Needs Condition (Blind, Deaf, FIV, etc)

Tri-pod kitty. hematoma survivor.

How I Came to Meet my Special Needs Cat

a young neighbor kid had a young kitten who needed a home, so because my mom said that 3 cats were okay, we adopted her and named her (the kitten) Kita

Kita went into her Time that January and since she was small we didn't get her fixed.

her litter was 3 kittens named Onegai, Hoshi and Ai-chan.

in 2007 Onegai fell off the roof of our house and broke his left hindleg. After a consult with the vet, we decided to have the leg amputated. Later that year, he developed a hematoma in his left ear.

He comes crying up to me about his swollen ear, mom & rini take him to the vet & he has another surgery.

How I Care for my Special Needs Cat

At first we had to medicate him and keep him away from the other cats, we had to change the dressing and medicate him via a syringe.

He moves his little stub of a leg to ask for lovins (which he gets 99.9% of the time. )

he has been completely healed for the past three years.

the only way the other 7 cats can get his condition is if they accidentally break one of their legs.


  • give your cat lots of love.
  • follow your vet's instructions when it comes to care.
  • tripod kitties will be just as active as regular 4 legged cats. so don't worry.
  • pray.
  • if the kitty you're adopting has a littermate, adopt them both. It's better for the cat in the long run.

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