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Feeding Onions to Cats

Share Your Story: Dumbest Mistakes With a Cat

By Cntrygal

Feeding Onions to Cats

Sage on the Dining Room Table

Feeding Onions to Cats

Three of our Boys.

Cat's Name and Description

Sage. A female tuxedo cat who is 7 years old.

What I Should Have Known About my Cat

That she is susceptible to illnesses more than the other cats.

My Dumbest Mistake

Feeding table scraps with onions in it.

The Results of my Dumb Mistake

We always said that the day Sage stopped eating that we knew she was really sick. One day she did stop. I took her to the vet a couple of days later. She had lost a third of her weight. At first they thought she had jaundice and might have to be put down. They took tests and found out she had Feline Infectious Disease and luckily it was in the early stages. We took her home, hand feed (force feed)for 3 days, and gave her antibiotics twice a day for 2 months. The vet told me it was caused by fleas. None of my 5 cats had fleas so I did research and found out that it was probably the onions in the table food we gave her.

What I'd do differently

  • Never give cats any people food...especially cooked with onions. I was lucky that one of my other cats who is a begger didn't get sick too. We still give them a bite or two of meat off our plates but we make sure no onions have even touched them.

Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

I'm glad CntryGal has learned not to give cats onions. "feline infectious disease" is just a generic term, and could refer to any number of cat infections. In any case, I'm glad Sage survived her illness.

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