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Reader Stories: Container Cat Pictures


Cats are noted for their propensity of seeking out places to hide - places not originally intended for cats, such as kitchen sinks, boxes, baskets, slippers, and such.Perhaps they're just looking for a new and interesting place to catnap. Or could it just be a way of saying "gotcha!" to their amazed humans?

About.com has made it possible for you to upload your own container cat photo to share with other readers, with an easy to use online form.

After you've seen other readers photos, submit your own to see how your cat scores in his or her choice of containers for napping.

Peek-a-Boo Oliver

I dropped the box on the floor by accident and he ran right in! I didn't notice he was inside the box at first so he must have stared at me for a good 10 minutes before I spotted him! He continued to…More

Garfield is Stuck!

Baby likes to sleep in confined places so I bought this cube for her. I really didn't think he would fit in it as he weighs 20 pounds. He did manage to get in but when he went to get out his butt stu…More

A Ruby in My Sink

She likes to follow me all around the apartment at all times and the sink is the closest she can get to me when i do my make-up. For the first few months of me getting her she would not leave my side…More

TABby Cat, Buddy

When there is an empty box, Buddy has to try and get into it. She fits perfectly into a Tab 12-pack container and likes to be carried around in it. Somehow she is able to balance herself perfectly. I…More

Mitten in a Stroller

I was looking around the house for her one day and couldn't find her. She can find some of the strangest places to sleep sometimes. I guess she knows she's our little baby doll!! She has a look on he…More

Garfield Cooling

It was a hot Florida summer day and I wouldn't let him on the porch because the humidity was so high. Being a Maine Coon he has 3 layers of very long hair and gets very warm in the summertime even wi…More


We heard a rustling in the kitchen recycling box...guess who we found? Shaq always likes to get into boxes and cupboards, so we weren't very surprised to see his little face peeking out at us from in…More

What's Cooking? Candy?

The photo was not staged. We live in France. My husband had bought a slow cooker & after unpacking it he left the box on the cuisinere (a wood-burning cooker, similar to an Aga). My son suddenly noti…More

Am I Clean Enough?

I put the washing up bowl outside in the garden for some reason that I cannot now recall. My son wandered past & saw Mindy sitting in it; he thought she looked so sweet that he must take a photo. She…More

Furry Flapjacks, Anyone?

We had made pancakes in this electric griddle earlier in the day. I hadn't gotten around to washing and putting it away yet. Foo Foo saw it on the counter and thought it would make a purr-fect cat be…More

Jessi in a Basket

Jessi loves playing with the paper bin in my room, she'd push over the paper bin to empty it and then crawl into it. I emptied the bin one night and Jessi got very excited with it. She jumped into th…More

Laptop Cat

Just left the lap top case open on the table one day and when I came out of the office, I saw that he had converted it to a cat bed.Anything left open becomes a new napping spot, no matter the shape …More

Somebody Hungry?

Jessie has always loved to play in boxes, and as I was emptying the cans of Friskies from the box to the pantry shelf, she stood watching. I put the box in the floor for her to play in as I do every …More

Mad Mad Maddie

Maddie turned out to be a real Princess, she liked her private moments, and could really give cat-a-tude if things were not going as she thought they should. Here she was trying to get some time-out …More

Bag Packed, Ticket in Paw

My husband was packing a bag to go out of town for a couple of days. He put the bag on the couch while he checked to make sure he had everything he needed before zipping it up. When he went back in t…More

Potted Mia

I have a very large plant I usually keep on my patio in the summer. My cats, Mia and Tia are house cats and never go outside. As the weather turns colder I bring the plants that I can into the house …More

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